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Element5 Brand Strategy and Visual Identity

Working closely with the founder and CEO of Element5, we distilled his vision for the company, capturing not just the functional essence in manufacturing solid timber structures, but also the greater meaning behind the brand.


Element5 provides integrated solutions to help build well-crafted, eco-conscious buildings made of solid wood. Using innovative construction methods and materials, they strive to bring a natural sense of well-being into everyday spaces.


Coming up with the company name, brand positioning statement, and a strategic marketing plan, we were then able to work on a visual identity package that gave creative flare to this uniquely positioned construction company, and building on it with a complete set of collateral materials and a responsive, bilingual website.


Ottawa Adventure Film Festival Collateral

Working together with the festival organizers for the inaugural event, o2creative took the pre-established logo design and expanded on it with a cohesive look and feel to brand the weekend-long festival. The collateral included the design of large-format posters and banners for the film screening venue, along with an event program in a downloadable PDF format and web page – both accessible via a QR code promoted at the festival site.


Scope included defining a cohesive set of visual elements (colours, typography and photography) to brand the event and to generate general awareness and interest in the festival within the local adventure community, including stronger name recognition under the bold acronym – OAFF. The original logo, not strong enough to stand out on it’s own against the dynamic graphics, gained much-needed visibility through large-scale type, hinged dynamically along the edge of the collateral pieces.

Louis-Philippe Pidgeon Visual Identity

Creating a personal brand that leveraged the client’s unique and eye-catching last name into a visual identity that presented his personal brand as one of a capable, young, driven and hard-working real estate agent in the Ottawa area, proved to be a unique challenge. The brand needed to serve as a gateway to working with high-end clients and properties in some of the wealthiest neighbourhoods of the city.


The classic design approach plays closely to the idea of distinctive service with a bird in flight and a touch of elegant, yet simple cursive font in the typographic treatment to bring the feeling of a ‘high-end’ brand to the forefront.


The contemporary and clean colour palette, along with the metallic gold detail, showcases the youthful energy and charisma of Louis-Philippe – capturing his personality as a modern real estate agent.

Candace Carnahan Branding

Candace Carnahan, a motivational speaker who uses her unique life lessons to inspire her audience to dismantle the roadblocks which hinder efficiency, approached o2creative once again to update the visual identity that we previously created, to more accurately represent her evolving personal brand. The updated approach required a change in the color scheme of the logo design as well as throughout her marketing and collateral materials with a completely new, more sophisticated website redesign.


The logo, a combination of iconographic and typographic elements is informed by the curving, flowing line of the female form, balanced by a detached stroke suggestive of dynamic stance Candace often takes on stage on account of her artificial limb. The fine baseline points of the icon are a nod to at Candace’s affinity for high heels.


The typographic treatment is representative of Candace’s drive and motivation, with a forward tilt on the hand-script, and bold strokes and sharp points on the type referring subtly yet again to Candace’s personal style on stage. The intentional use of lower case in the signature is evocative of Candace’s candid and approachable personality, while the soft loops on the ‘a’ and ‘e’s add a femininity to the name. Spaced out small caps provide the corporate, formal element within the logo and help ground it as a whole.


Candace’s new, responsive website includes incredible black and white photography shot Makito Inomata, under o2creative direction, capturing Candace’s personality and conveying the same feminine yet strong characteristics demonstrated by the brand.

Cottage Chic Brand, Collateral and Signage

The Cottage Chic brand represents the quality of retail service and product range offered by this recently opened retail store in St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, New Brunswick.


The Cottage Chic logo captures two seemingly polar opposites: the idea of chic decor colliding with the relaxed and natural comfort of the cottage. The iconic Adirondack chair used in tandem with an elegant, sans-serif set in fine and heavyweight strokes suggests an inviting and timeless aesthetic.


The modern minimalist approach of the logo draws on the contrasts of the brand’s retail promise: offering a diverse selection of boutique decor, apparel and giftware a relaxed cottage style with modern twist. The simplicity of the storm gray as the sole brand colour strikes a visual balance against the busy backdrop of a retail environment.

Indigo Expeditions Visual Identity

Prior to having an established name or identity, Indigo Expeditions approached o2creative for some strategic advice on how to best establish itself as a leader in the field of herpetological research and conservation. Led by one of U.K.’s foremost researchers in the field, Rowland Griffin, his newly founded non-for-profit organization needed a visual identity to match the reputation of their hard work.


Opting for a name that would capture the essence of the organization – supporting conservation, education and research efforts in herpetology through field research – Indigo Expeditions was born.


In designing the visual identity, we emphasized the action –  the ‘GO’ in Indigo, it’s sinuous shape akin to the form of a snake, places a strong focus on Indigo Expedition’s field exploration.


The concentric circles within the ‘O’ focus in on a stylized frog, conveying both the human connections of Indigo’s community as well as the strong and inherent link to nature,  The frog icon, synonymous with Indigo’s conservation efforts, became the brand ‘mascot’ appearing on all swag and collateral as a stand-alone feature.

NMRN Visual Identity, Website & Collateral

The brainchild of a young, award-winning real estate agent and retired military member, the National Military Relocation Network required an identity and collateral that would convey the organization’s commitment to assisting Canadian service men and women with their real estate needs. We focused our energy on carrying the brand’s message consistently across web and print mediums using a bold, simple aesthetic, and no-nonsense language.


Catering primarily to military relocations, with a head office in Ottawa, the identity,  the website, and all collateral are fully bilingual.

University of New Brunswick President's Annual Report 2013 feature image

UNB 2013 President’s Annual Report

Following the previously established stylistic guidelines, the 2013 report focused on people behind the year’s biggest accomplishments, alongside facts and figures, to tell a rich and visually appealing story within the 44 pages of content. Ensuring a cohesive look, the bold red cover and each chapter’s opening spread used the same design structure and spot varnish treatment as the 2012 edition of the book.

Accreon collateral feature image

Accreon Collateral

Working in tandem with Accreon’s marketing director to evolve the existing brand through design of key brand identity elements such as letterhead and signage and the development of related marketing collateral – tear sheets, brochures, t-shirts, etc.

Castlemark Website Interface and Collateral feature image

Castlemark Website & Collateral

A modern and dynamic wealth management firm in Toronto required a face lift that would showcase the brand accurately across various mediums, starting with a complete redesign of the website. Printed marketing materials ranging from business cards and info tear sheets to client forms were redesigned to match the refreshed visual identity.


Social media outlets including Twitter, LinkedIn Mailchimp were styled to match the rest of the brand assets and o2creative was engaged to provide webmaster services to ensure a consistent voice and style was used across all mediums moving forward.

PCL brochure feature image

PCL Toronto Corporate Booklet

Design of a booklet for the PCL Toronto branch to use in self-promotion in high-profile client meetings. The custom design included the development of a flexible visual identity that, while fitting under one overarching corporate brand, would make use of unique, distinguishing characteristics to accommodate the 12 internal business units of the PCL corporation. Divisions ranging from Modular Construction, Renewable Energy and Health and Safety were identified through custom line drawings and individual tear sheet and postcard templates were subsequently developed for each IBU. The standalone marketing materials were made to fit into the slip-pocket of the corporate booklet, which elevated the existing PCL brand to a new, contemporary level, suitable for the savvy and competitive development market in Toronto.

Laura Noseworthy personal branding CV design feature image

Laura’s Curriculum Vitae

This small project for a close personal friend required the design of a unique and eye-catching CV that would garner immediate attention when distributed to advertising and communications agencies and clearly showcase Laura’s range of experience and personal attributes. The CV design was complemented by a series of business cards.

Adrock Capital Inc visual identity feature image

Adrock Capital Inc. Branding

The client approached o2creative with a need for a complete visual identity design that would help clearly establish the company as a serious competitor in the crowded Toronto marketplace.


Drawing from the form of the letter A of the company name, this logo concept incorporates three powerful elements to represent the Adrock brand. The letter A is abstracted into a triangle – known as the strongest, simple geometric shape – it stands for strength and a well-established corporation. Often seen in architecture, the shape also alludes to one of man’s earliest architectural feats – the Egyptian pyramids – drawing a powerful link between the projects funded and managed by ADROCK Capital Inc. and buildings that have stood the test of time.


Sharply cutting into the triangle is the profile of an aggressively poised griffin – facing forward in a challenging stance and looking back towards the centre of the logo to bring emphasis and focus to the design. Part lion, part eagle, the legendary creature symbolizes wisdom, strength and power and is known for guarding treasure or priceless possessions – drawing a parallel with the key values of the Adrock brand.


The iconic elements are paired with the original logo font, creating a strong link to the high-impact and successful components of the old company branding and complemented by a secondary, highly legible font used for smaller text and the brand tag line, the result is a contemporary and powerful final design.


The ADROCK Capital Inc. branding was completed by an information session, identifying strategic opportunities to create value for the Adrock customer through the implementation of the new visual identity, which included a full stationery package as well as as easy-to-use Microsoft Word templates for all future client communications.

Rebecca Steeves visual identity feature image

Rebecca Steeves Realty Visual Identity & Website

One of the top Fredericton Real Estate Agents – Rebecca Steeves, wanted to evolve her brand with a unique visual identity– taking it to the next level with a strong, iconic logo and a simple-to-use, modern and easy-to-update, website interface. With a strong presence in her local market, the objective of the project was to build on Rebecca’s existing image with a complementary look and feel.


A combination of icon and type, this logo places emphasis on Rebecca’s role in helping her clients find or sell homes. The soft, flowing lines of the R not only represent Rebecca’s well-recognized name, but also suggest a comfortable and easy real-estate process. The enclosing circle represents the strength of the combined range of services offered by Rebecca. The narrow font for the name is contemporary and elegant, and while the use of lowercase for the first name makes the brand approachable, the bold application in the last name identifies as confident and assertive – with a well-established market presence.

Freestraint Design visual identity feature image

Freestraint Design Branding

Freestraint Design is a one-person business established in 2006 by Arthur Gniazdowski in order to provide a range of services within the Information Technology field to a variety of corporate, NGO and government clients.


With over 26 years of experience, Arthur Gniazdowski had accumulated vast technical knowledge that defines him as an industry leader, however the company name under which he operates, did not convey the same weight and presence.


Starting with a brand redesign and a new website, Freestraint Design will begin to improve brand recognition and awareness, to increase business through clear and relevant tactics and to showcase expertise in a highly competitive market.

PureRay visual identity feature image

PureRay Visual Identity

As a lighting technology company, PureRay focuses on making solar-based charging and lighting systems practical and cost-effective for developing-world countries in Africa, South Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America, as well as for domestic markets.


Prior to developing a consumer-oriented image, PureRay needed a corporate brand in order to engage in solicitation of private-public partnerships, to seek out government and corporate funding and to target potential top-level clients among international government agencies and non-profit organizations.


To accurately represent a corporation conducting business on an international level, the brand was developed in phases starting with client consultations and research, concept development and finally collateral design and preparation of brand guidelines.


Due to the unique and intangible objective of the company that’s engaged in improving the quality of light and the quality of life globally, the key to the brand was the inclusion of custom photography to evoke the meaning and purpose behind the tangible product.


Various collateral material was then designed consistent with the brand by applying photographic treatments, brand colours, typography and stylistic treatment consistent with the graphic standards.

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