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The client approached o2creative with a need for a complete visual identity design that would help clearly establish the company as a serious competitor in the crowded Toronto marketplace.


Drawing from the form of the letter A of the company name, this logo concept incorporates three powerful elements to represent the Adrock brand. The letter A is abstracted into a triangle – known as the strongest, simple geometric shape – it stands for strength and a well-established corporation. Often seen in architecture, the shape also alludes to one of man’s earliest architectural feats – the Egyptian pyramids – drawing a powerful link between the projects funded and managed by ADROCK Capital Inc. and buildings that have stood the test of time.


Sharply cutting into the triangle is the profile of an aggressively poised griffin – facing forward in a challenging stance and looking back towards the centre of the logo to bring emphasis and focus to the design. Part lion, part eagle, the legendary creature symbolizes wisdom, strength and power and is known for guarding treasure or priceless possessions – drawing a parallel with the key values of the Adrock brand.


The iconic elements are paired with the original logo font, creating a strong link to the high-impact and successful components of the old company branding and complemented by a secondary, highly legible font used for smaller text and the brand tag line, the result is a contemporary and powerful final design.


The ADROCK Capital Inc. branding was completed by an information session, identifying strategic opportunities to create value for the Adrock customer through the implementation of the new visual identity, which included a full stationery package as well as as easy-to-use Microsoft Word templates for all future client communications.


June 30, 2013

Branding, Print, Strategy, Visual Identity

Adrock Capital Inc.

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