Cottage Chic Brand, Collateral and Signage

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The Cottage Chic brand represents the quality of retail service and product range offered by this recently opened retail store in St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, New Brunswick.


The Cottage Chic logo captures two seemingly polar opposites: the idea of chic decor colliding with the relaxed and natural comfort of the cottage. The iconic Adirondack chair used in tandem with an elegant, sans-serif set in fine and heavyweight strokes suggests an inviting and timeless aesthetic.


The modern minimalist approach of the logo draws on the contrasts of the brand’s retail promise: offering a diverse selection of boutique decor, apparel and giftware a relaxed cottage style with modern twist. The simplicity of the storm gray as the sole brand colour strikes a visual balance against the busy backdrop of a retail environment.

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Cottage Chic


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