CRDAC Brand Refresh and Website Design

About this Project


A fresh brand strategy was developed to align with Conklin Resource Development Advisory Committee’s (CRDAC) updated purpose. Expanding on their existing logo, a complete visual identity package was designed to clearly reflect the new brand story through colour, typography, photography and graphic elements. A comprehensive visual identity guide was created to streamline brand adoption and to better engage with Conklin’s primarily Métis community.


The CRDAC brand guidelines and a strategic analysis of the client’s needs and objectives were subsequently used as a basis for a new website, designed to provide a centralized hub and to facilitate access to essential information in this remote Métis community. With the key purpose of providing ease of access to crucial information such as news, events and job postings, and conveys values, vision, mission, mandate, objectives, policies and procedures of the CRDAC.


July 1, 2021




The Low Down Editorial Layout
Editorial, Print
Fairbairn Transportation Exhibit

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