Element5 Brand Strategy and Visual Identity

About This Project


Working closely with the founder and CEO of Element5, we distilled his vision for the company, capturing not just the functional essence in manufacturing solid timber structures, but also the greater meaning behind the brand.


Element5 provides integrated solutions to help build well-crafted, eco-conscious buildings made of solid wood. Using innovative construction methods and materials, they strive to bring a natural sense of well-being into everyday spaces.


Coming up with the company name, brand positioning statement, and a strategic marketing plan, we were then able to work on a visual identity package that gave creative flare to this uniquely positioned construction company, and building on it with a complete set of collateral materials and a responsive, bilingual website.



January 07, 2018

Branding, Marketing, Print, Strategy, Visual Identity, Web

Element5 Co.

Ottawa Adventure Film Festival Collateral
Print, Visual Identity, Web
PCL Commemorative Stamp Series
Branding, Print

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