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Working with the Legal Archives Society of Alberta (LASA) team to define a clear set of objectives for the non-profit’s online presence, o2creative subsequently developed a simple, elegant and highly functional, responsive website to serve as an effective marketing tool that’s designed reach the target audience, to preserve and promote the province’s legal heritage and to leverage the Legal Archives’ objectives through the online shop, virtual galleries and oral histories, all made available through the site.


Taking into account the target demographics, the interface design reflects the concept of the physical archival materials through a more classic style with a boxed-in layout, neutral tones of paper and leather, and a serif font for all body copy. A simple and clean site structure assists visitors in navigating through the content with intuition.


Showcasing the Archives’ content accurately meant including large amounts of text – a challenge in terms of online communication. To retain the visitor’s attention, content was strategically broken up into small, varied sections, where accordion style drop-downs, shadowboxes and animations invite the user to interact with the information at a deeper level, without overwhelming at first glance.


Through the implementation of best practices in terms of SEO, LASA has increased their online visibility – scoring in the top 3 for Google search results. Moving forward, the newly implemented Google Analytics will also allow the team to provide detailed reports to the board of directors, demonstrating ROI through visitor demographics, topics of interest, and online donations and subsequently leveraging measurable successes to secure funding and ongoing support.


July 10, 2015


Legal Archives Society of Alberta


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