PCL Commemorative Stamp Series

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Working closely with the Director of Marketing, o2creative developed a flexible visual identity that, while fitting under the overarching corporate PCL brand, would make use of unique, distinguishing characteristics to accommodate the 12 internal business units unique to the PCL Toronto Division. From promotional materials to customizable tearsheets and postcards for use in self-promotion in high-profile client meetings, to digital templates and a national campaign promoting the organizations’ 150th anniversary, the PCL Toronto brand identity captures both a forward thinking approach to business and celebrates the strong heritage of the parent brand.


PCL’s legacy as nation builders is captured in this commemorative stamp series that – woven together through both place and time – illustrates a selection of Canadian landmarks PCL has proudly built from coast to coast.


February 21, 2018

Branding, Print

PCL Constructors Inc.

Element5 Brand Strategy and Visual Identity
Branding, Marketing, Print, Strategy, Visual Identity, Web
PCL Toronto HQ Wayfinding & Wall Graphics
Merch & Retail, Print, Visual Identity

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