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As the marketing officer in charge of addressing the needs of the Population Growth Secretariat, Aleks’ role required her to identify advertising opportunities that would support the mandate of population growth, repatriation and attraction to New Brunswick.


Select business and tourism publications such as Air Canada’s enRoute provided a great medium for reaching our target audiences across the country within a reasonable budget. Once the suitable advertising placement opportunities were identified, Aleks would work with a designer, providing creative direction to develop seasonal and thematic concepts that reflected current developments in the province and that would resonate with the readers of each publication. Each ad required ongoing communication with the client to obtain approval from all stakeholders on the copy and the creative.


April 20, 2010

Marketing, Strategy
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Govt. of New Brunswick


Marketing officer

Francophonie Summit Marketing Strategy
Marketing, Merch & Retail, Strategy
Government of New Brunswick marketing campaign for the Francophonie summit in Switzerland feature image
OurNB Social Media Strategy
Marketing, Strategy

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