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Joining forces with an ACE Certified Senior Fitness Specialist, o2creative developed a brand based on the client’s vision of an anywhere/anytime virtual fitness centre for the senior target market.


Taking into account the unique audience, the brand had to be elevated yet streamlined, in line with similar higher-end fitness products targeting active seniors with disposable income. The website had to provide simplicity and ease of access, the brand offering differentiating itself from similar training offerings by providing direct yet virtual contact with the trainer through live video sessions and allowing the audience to interact, communicate and create a sense of community.


In a pandemic-affected world, that sense of connection resonated strongly with the trainer’s existing clients and easily drew growing numbers of participants right from the January 1 launch date.

“I had a dream and lots of ideas for an online fitness business for seniors. Aleks brought my vision to life with style, color and flair. My dream became a reality in a matter of months at a price and speed I was very comfortable with. Not knowing a thing about designing a webpage, I was taught and guided in the process all the while not being overwhelmed by technology. I highly recommend Aleks for making your vision a reality!” ~ Dan Mahar, Founder, The Senior Fitness Center


December 31, 2020

Branding, Strategy, Visual Identity, Web

The Senior Fitness Center

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