Advice for Creatives

Advice for Creatives

Nearly a decade after graduating, there seems to be one recurring observation that continually comes up in conversation amongst my peers, ringing true for myself as much as everyone else.

It seems that as we gain more experience through working with clients of all shapes and sizes, and dealing with the ups and downs of the industry, we often think back at our early years and think ‘I wish I had known THAT sooner!’. There is simply so much insight, so many nuances and realities in working in the graphic design industry as well as running a business, that there is no way so much information can be conveyed in four years of formal education.

Dealing with mass production, international markets, budget limitations, REAL target audiences, client briefs and writing proposals… to name just a few daily challenges, these processes are simply part of the learning curve and it’s dealing with them first hand is what makes us better at what we do. Some amazing designers, like Marie Poulin of Digital Strategy School, have taken it upon themselves to ease that transition by sharing the knowledge gained in a decade of practice through innovative methods. Unbelievable resources like or offer vast information at your fingertips. Others go back to their Alma Matter to impart what they have learned to the next generation of designers.

Regardless of how much knowledge we can impart to fast-track what some of us have learned through years of practice, there is one thing, one major reality, that simply can’t be conveyed or learned any quicker. It is also one big of one of the biggest challenges to overcome, by any creative: that of self-doubt. While I could attempt to describe, through my own experiences, how I get through my less-inspired days, I defer to Ira Glass instead. He is a master of words, who truly captures this idea and offers the most honest advice for creatives I have ever seen.

~ Aleks

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