Field Notes

Field notes refer to various notes recorded by scientists during or after their observation of a specific phenomenon they are studying. Field notes are particularly valued in descriptive sciences such as ethnography, geology, and archaeology, which have long traditions in this area. We’re applying the practice of keeping field notes to document our creative and strategic process.

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Aleks Gniazdowska

A little more about Aleks

My role with o2creative is to provide strategic creative direction and graphic design services for web and print media, along with consultation services in marketing strategy, social media engagement, interface usability and accessibility design and communication. But then… you probably already know this since you’ve visited the site… so how did I get here?

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Personal project - cravings painting series 2

On the side

While most of the time as a designer, I dedicate my time and energy towards backing the principle that form follows function, I do occasionally need a break from the pragmatic.

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