Not all those who wander are lost

George Spilkin

Not all those who wander are lost

Soldier, builder, webmaster, web developer, (occasionally a barista) … I’ve worn many hats.

How I got here

Seeking adventure and a life of purpose I joined the Canadian Forces straight out of High School at the age of 17. My military service spanned over more than 10 years and was truly a defining chapter in my life. My service offered many opportunities and life experiences, ingrained important core values, and formed character through myriad hardships both at home and abroad… I can also press a shirt like no one’s business!


A point of pride that still makes my heart swell today is the versatility and ability to adapt and overcome that our men and women in uniform all share. In a single career, a Canadian Forces member can be a follower, a leader, a combatant, a peacekeeper, a disaster relief worker, a student, a teacher, a first responder, and more; our servicemen and women wear many hats. All of these roles are expected of these individuals; and in order to fill all of these roles and succeed these men and women are in a perpetual state of training. When I began my civilian life in 2010, I brought this belief system with me. Success is achieved through hard work and continuous learning.


I also had the opportunity to cross paths with my now-spouse, Aleks, through a good friend I deployed oversees with in 2007. I greatly admired her ability to appreciate and find inspiration in all things that surround her. Her belief that all things were enriched through a careful application of design and her ability to enrich a place or event through careful preparation or action; I was smitten.


After retiring from the military, I secured an apprenticeship in residential renovations through a hardworking and kind-hearted guy whom I still value as a friend and mentor today, and I chose to pursue my passion for hands-on projects by joining construction industry. Fueled by the gratification of tangible results, I have since spent my idle time busying myself with renovating our home and office, learning and perfecting the art of urban gardening and completing an undergraduate degree with a concentration in History and International Relations. Not all new directions have been successful; I have also tried to learn the art of the Bonzai and must reluctantly admit that I am responsible for over 9 plant deaths since 2010.


What I do for our clients

In due course, my spouse’s passion for design and marketing had begun to rub off on me, lured by the idea of a live/work arrangement, I also began doing online courses in web development. It’s with great surprise that I realized I could find equal satisfaction building for the online environment. I started working with o2creative in 2013 and now manage and maintain web content for several of our clients to ensure consistency in messaging and visual identity across all social media channels.


Working primarily with content management systems such as WordPress, I can refresh client websites quickly and efficiently, and put my building skills to good use when new websites are required.

~ George

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